I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2011.

In December 2015, I found out it had spread to my hips, pelvis and spine.  This had caused the head of the right femur to fracture fusing further up the pelvis resulting in loss of length to the leg. I was referred to Dr Mukesh who arranged for CT Scan, Bone Scan and a further MRI Scan. Dr Mukesh also referred me to Mr W Aston an Orthopaedic  Surgeon at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore who specialises in Sarcoma Surgery for the femur fracture for which I needed a full hip replacement.  From the start I have had four weekly blood tests followed by bone strengthening injection (Denosumab) if the bloods were within the limits. After completing the scans and having an appointment with Mr Aston it was decided by Dr Mukesh that the cancer was to be managed first.  I started chemo tablets (Capecitabine) and had four courses before the CT Scan showed that the bones had re-calcified. I then started on Letrozole a hormone inhibitor which I take daily. In June I was able to have my hip replacement at Stanmore.  Six weeks after the hip replacement both Dr Mukesh and Mr Aston suggested that I had five radiotherapy treatments to belt and brace the cancer.  I completed these in August 2016.

Throughout the chemo I had regular appointments with Dr Mukesh to discuss how I was finding the treatment and to alleviate any fears or problems that I was having, he helped me to remain positive and look forward.

I am currently on three monthly reviews with CT Scan, four weekly blood tests and bone injections and daily Letrozole. I look forward not back and I am able to live a relatively normal life which I didn’t think was possible just over a year ago.

Dr Mukesh, his Secretary Hilary and his bank of medical staff have helped care, guide and support me through this difficult time for which I am very thankful.