Using the body’s own immune system to kill the cancer cell

Immunotherapy is a type of drug therapy which triggers the body’s own immune system to attack and kill the cancer cell.

The immune system is the body’s natural defence against infection and disease, responsible for protecting the body from substances that can cause harm, such as bacteria and viruses. In some cancers, the DNA changes (mutations) can cause an immune response to attack cancer cells. Cancer cells can rapidly adapt and have the ability to evade the immune system by using a number of clever techniques. Immunotherapy treatment is based on understanding these techniques and developing different strategies to restore the immune system’s ability to destroy cancer cells. More information is available through the National Cancer Institute Website

Immunotherapy is a relatively new treatment against cancer and already proven to be beneficial in metastatic melanoma, lung cancer, head & neck cancer and kidney cancer. As your cancer specialist, I have a vast experience in the use of these Immunotherapy drugs. Immunotherapy treatments are mostly covered by your medical insurance including drugs which are not routinely available in the NHS.