“Dr. Mukesh was appointed as my new oncologist in 2015, when my previous, (and much loved), oncologist retired.

Initially, I felt very nervous and unsure about having someone new and ‘unknown, responsible for my ongoing health and care (following my Breast Cancer and BRCA1 diagnosis in 2012).

However, Dr. Mukesh inspired real confidence in both my husband and I, during my first consultation with him. It was such a relief! It was clear that he had comprehensively read my notes as he seemed very familiar with the details of my previous diagnosis and subsequent treatment. He also seemed very knowledgeable about the oncological management of breast cancer and enthusiastic about his work.

Since then, I have always found Dr. Mukesh to be kind, informative, patient and professional. He is always ‘interested’ and ‘interesting’. I always feel listened to (however ‘silly’ I feel my questions might be!) and supported.

Dr Mukesh’s secretary, Hilary, is an absolute ‘gem’ too.