First meet Dr Mukesh in the Oaks Hospital, after having an operation for breast Cancer. Please note I am a very nervous person whom always fears the worst. So, my referral to Dr Mukesh was not to say the least a very nervous first visit.

Dr Mukesh recognised my fears after a long conversation regarding my treatment. I warmed to him straight away explaining which the best treatment for me I would certainly say he went the extra mile examples drawing pictures to explain. A lot of literature was given to me. There was no rush was told to think about the therapy he advised while also explaining in great detail the risk factor.

That day I left with a more positive attitude, knowing that had faith in my doctor. Agreed to taking Tamoxifen drugs every day for the next 5 years, also 15 days Radio therapy at Genesis care in Chelmsford where I had the best care.  At the end of the 15 days weeks was sorry to leave (not the treatment) the staff they made me feel important, the first few days of my treatment Dr Mukesh was contacting Genesis care wanting to know all was okay with me. And I knew any problems could contact his secretary for appointment.

Six weeks after my treatment finished had an appointment with Dr Mukesh to see how was progressing. Unfortunately, had very bad reaction to Tamoxifen medication really thought was going mad. Dr Mukesh recognised the side effects of taking Tamoxifen told me to stop taking them with immediate effect. Again, he was very professional.