David (patient’s husband)

One of the things I have greatly admired and appreciated about Dr Mukesh is that he is prepared to discuss things with us. He seemed to understand that one of the first things that people who have received a cancer diagnosis will do is search the internet for answers. As we all know, a little…

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I consider myself very fortunate to have been cared for by Dr Mukesh,  From the first meeting with him I really appreciated his calm and caring approach, I intuitively felt that I was in "good hands" and that he would do everything within his power to get me better.  He made me feel like I was…

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Being diagnosed with Cancer is such a terrible ordeal, terrifying for the patient and family. Dr Mukesh, his PA Hilary and the Chemo Nurses, together with the radiotherapy team worked alongside us all with the upmost care and kindness. Every step of my treatment was so reassuring and personal.…

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2011.

In December 2015, I found out it had spread to my hips, pelvis and spine.  This had caused the head of the right femur to fracture fusing further up the pelvis resulting in loss of length to the leg. I was referred to Dr Mukesh who…

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"Dr. Mukesh was appointed as my new oncologist in 2015, when my previous, (and much loved), oncologist retired.

Initially, I felt very nervous and unsure about having someone new and 'unknown, responsible for my ongoing health and care (following my Breast Cancer and BRCA1 diagnosis in…

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First meet Dr Mukesh in the Oaks Hospital, after having an operation for breast Cancer. Please note I am a very nervous person whom always fears the worst. So, my referral to Dr Mukesh was not to say the least a very nervous first visit.

Dr Mukesh recognised my fears after a long…

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I have been treated by Dr Mukesh for about a year now, and agree with all the positive comments submitted. I too have found his calm, professional manner reassuring as my illness isn't curable as such at the moment, but feel I am in the very best hands. My wife, who is my principal carer, shares…

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Ok getting cancer is bad luck. But for me the good fortune that came with the diagnosis is having Dr Mukesh as my oncologist. 

Unfortunately I have had a few scares over the last 5 years, my last diagnosis is that it has metastasised.  At my appointments I never feel rushed, unless Dr…

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